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Aeroponics Systems
HID Hut carries the best in high quality aeroponics hydroponics products. We have all the aeroponics equipment you need for delivering nutrients and oxygen in air and mist to root zones of plants. With our products, you will grow healthy, vigorous plants quickly and for a long time.

The AeroFlo Line of Aeroponics Systems
We carry a full range of the AeroFlo² line with capacities from 18 up to 60 sites. AeroFlo² is known for its prolific production and fast plant growth. The aeroponics system delivers a perfect balance of oxygen, water and nutrient to root systems, yielding larger, stronger plants.

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American Agritech Line of Aeroponics
Advanced growers prefer the Agritech Aerojet System. Its high output pump helps cultivate a super-oxygenated growing environment for the root system and extremely fast growth rates. The micro-jet emits a continual mist in micro-bursts. With the fully automated Agritech Turbogarden you can enjoy reduced maintenance, while growing a lush garden of fruits and vegetables in a small 2’ X 3’ area.

Rainforest Line of Aeroponics Systems The Rainforest aeroponics machines are adaptable to many needs, from growing cuttings and quick start seeds to large plants. You can quick start many seeds with the Rainforest 236, with its thirty six 2" sites. The gentle Vortex sprayer in Rainforest products oxygenates the nutrient solution before gently spraying. The RainForest® 318 will grow plants from cutting to harvest or up to ninety cuttings for rooting and transplanting.

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