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Aeroponic Cloners From HidHut

An Aeroponic Cloner Provides Prolific Growing Results

Aeroponic cloners make plant propogation quick and easy. Aeroponics is a method of creating more plants that can be sustained without the use of growing medium or soil. Instead, the plants are grown in the air, with aeroponic misters used to spray a fine stream of rooting solution on the bottom of the cutting so that roots form along the bottom of the cutting very quickly, within a matter of a few days. The speed with which cuttings develop roots is one of the attractive features that comes from using an aeroponic system from HidHut.

Aeroponic cloning reduces the likelihood of plant diseases

Propagation using aeroponics requires an aeroponic cloner. Thre are many benefits to propagating plants using aeroponic cloning machines. This method especially makes sense for commercial growers who need a steady supply of new plants to replenish those sold, because with an aeroponic cloner you can quickly start many cuttings, up to seventy per tray, which means you can root a staggering number of plants in a very small space. Plants root quickly, and there is less likelihood of plant diseases when using aeroponics cloning.

How does an aeroponic cloner work?

An aeroponic cloner is essentially a box with a lid on it that holds a tray full of cuttings from plants that you wish to propagate. The tray is necessary, because it holds the plant up in the air, leaving the bottom area of the cutting that will sprout roots free to be regularly soaked with a nutrient solution and rooting solution. The nutrient and rooting solution is evenly applied with an aeroponic fogger, or aeroponics mister.

When plants are grown in soil, the soil must be loose and friable enough to allow there to be little pockets of air in the soil. Plants need oxygen for growth, which is another reason why aeroponic cloning is so successful. Plants are grown in the air, and roots have unfettered access to oxygen, so they grow very well.

Plants also need access to CO2 for the process of photosynthesis to occur. Photosynthesis allows a plant to take energy from light and to turn it into chemical energy, which they use to produce oxygen and carbohydrates. Plants also need water for photosynthesis. Water is what is used by plants to release oxygen.

In aeroponics, the way that plants receive water is through aeroponic misters. A submersible pump is used inside a reservoir of nutrient and rooting solution, which also contains water. Microjets on the aeroponic misters ensure that a light, even spray of the nutrient is applied. An aeroponic fogger ensures that every part of the plant roots gets the nutrients it needs easily, and this helps ensure rapid growth of the plant.

Aeroponic cloners offered from HidHut are highly efficient and reliable, spraying plant cuttings using a high output pump and microjets to deliver a highly oxygenated rooting solution. Our kits come with everything you need, including high-pressure submersible pump with 2 year manufacturer's warranty, large capacity 10 gallon reservoir, clear Humidome™, cloning tray with sites for cuttings, air pump with air diffusers, Power Clone Rooting Solution™ and Hydroguard Water Treatment Solution™.

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