House & Garden - - Aqua Flakes by House & Garden - Part A & B - 1 Liters

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Aqua Flakes by House & Garden - Part A & B - 1 Liters

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    Model: [HG201]

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    Aqua Flakes by House & Garden is a two-part, high-end base nutrient formulated for recirculating hydroponics systems. The Aqua Flakes liquid mixture contains no additional additives or bulking agents and is designed to expedite the transfer of nutrients to the foliage from the root zone.

    House & Garden maintains their own laboratories and nutrient manufacturing facility where they test every batch of fertilizer to ensure the most consistent and highest quality in the world.

    Derived From:
    - Calcium Nitrate
    - Ammonium Nitrate
    - Nitric Acid
    - Potassium Hydroxide
    - Phosphoric Acid Anhydride
    - Magnesium Sulfate

    Ingredients Explained: Aqua Flakes are the complete base nutrient for Oasis Cubes, expanded clay, Coco, and Rockwool. Nutrient water remains pure and fresh while the supremely balanced nutrients guarantee optimum nutrient absorption at every feeding. All additives and ingredients are comprised of food and/or pharmaceutical grade ingredients in batches that are small in order to maintain consistent quality.

    Application: Dosage will vary since Aqua Flakes is a complete micro/macronutrient for the entire life of the plant.

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