garden hoses, sprayers, nozzels, dripper lines - - Claber spiral hose kit

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Claber - Spiral Hose Kit

  1. This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 09 September, 2009.
    Model: [C9035]

    Our Price:  $59.99

    Anywhere you are and just about anywhere you go, this unit comes in very handy. It is a kit comprised of 3 kinds of faucet connections, a spray pistol that has an adjustable spray pistol and a coil hose. There is also an optional aerator spray. When at home or traveling you have a choice of applications: balconies, gardens, garages, boating, or camping. This spray pistol has a wall mount that helps to keep the area organized and clean. Eliminate the problems of struggling and winding up hoses. Due to a polyurethane thermoplastic compound, the hose is very flexible and a good resistance to kinks or abrasions. The hose can take temperatures from -4 degrees all the way up to 158 degrees. They can also handle a psi water pressure of 116. The kit comes with a coil hose that is 33 feet long, a water stop connector spray pistol, spray head aerator, and mount for wall, connectors, and utility standard connectors.

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