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Cocos by House & Garden - Part A & B - 1 Liters

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    Model: [HG301]

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    The extra care taken by House & Garden when formulating Cocos A&B benefits those who grow with a coco medium tremendously. This perfected formula is one of the purest fertilizers available in the industry and will help eliminate salty buildup.

    House & Garden maintains their own laboratories and nutrient manufacturing facility where they test every batch of fertilizer to ensure the most consistent and highest quality in the world.

    Derived From:
    - Calcium Nitrate
    - Ammonium Nitrate
    - Nitric Acid
    - Potassium Hydroxide
    - Phosphoric Acid Anhydride
    - Magnesium Sulfate

    Ingredients Explained: Specifically formulated for gardeners who utilize coco medium and, as with all House & Garden products, Cocos A&B has the lowest dilution rate and is highly concentrated. All additives and ingredients are comprised of food and/or pharmaceutical grade ingredients in batches that are small in order to maintain consistent quality.

    Application: Combine equal parts of each Cocos A&B with water at a dilution rate of 1L Cocos A and 1L Cocos B for each 250L of water.

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