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Deep Water Culture Hydroponics

Deep water culture hydroponics kits are a preferred method of growing at HID Hut. Our Deep Water Culture Hydroponics System is simple to assemble and requires almost no maintenance. Plants grow large and healthy.

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Advantages of Deep Water Culture Systems

With a deep water culture system there is no need for a separate reservoir. Plant roots live directly in the aerated reservoir in a constant supply of active air, water and nutrients. The environment is highly stable and never turns off when water levels drop. Plants are immersed in an oxygen rich nutrient bath where bubbles keep pathogens at bay from roots.

Getting the Right Deep Water Culture System Setup

HID Hut offers a variety of ways to set up your DWC system. You can use the starter DWC kit to grow plants through an entire cycle or for starting plants to transfer into one of our larger bucket DWC kits. Our more comprehensive 5 Bucket DWC Hydroponics System is easy to install and always expandable. The air pump with 3 output manifold will accommodate up to 5 more buckets.

Buckets come separately for varying needs. We can help you find the right pots and containers, as well as any other submersible water pumps. We supply you with high quality aeration equipment. Our pumps and air stones will last longer than lesser quality materials and keep your maintenance at a minimum. HID Hut provides you with everything you need to start, establish or expand your deep water culture hydroponics´┐Żno matter how big or small.

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