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Ebb & Flow Systems | Hydroponics

Ebb and flow hydroponics set ups are an efficient solution whether on a budget or just in need of an expandable and versatile option. Ebb & flow systems from HID Hut are made with high quality materials and designed to optimize water movement. Growers appreciate the simplistic features, including controlled feeding schedules to make maintenance easier than ever.

Basic to Midsize Ebb and Flow Hydroponics Systems

The American Agrotech Econo Jet ebb and flow line is simple, lasting and dependable. If you want a small to medium size garden without the need to expand, this is a good choice. A high quality hydroponics solution that is well priced, the Econo Jet features bottom trays that prevent standing water, sturdy galvanized steel frames and a quiet pump.

Versatile Hydroponic Systems

For those seeking more versatility, the Bigfoot Complete Ebb and Flow system is the answer. Constructed with UV stabilized ABS plastic, so there are no seams or cracking that occur in many other homemade setups this is a tough and long-lasting solution.

Another versatile solution is the C.A.P. Ebb & Gro System. This highly versatile solution features 2 pumps that gravity flood and drain the planters 3 to 4 times per day. Growers can control the feeding schedule using a built-in timer. Plenty of flexibility and completely expandable, this system can be set up in many different sizes and shapes to fit your exact growing needs.

The MICROGARDEN� Ebb and Flo automated option for low maintenance gardening offers automated technology for healthy plants rapidly.

Many options in ebb and flow hydroponic gardening kits are available to indoor growers, contact us if you would like assistance in selecting the best solution.

HID Hut offers high quality Ebb and Flow Hydroponics systems that are designed to effectively optimize water movement. The efficiently designed solutions offer a long lasting and dependable answer to growers’ needs.

Ebb and Flow System

Growers have the option of choosing between Basic to Mid-Size Systems and larger, more Versatile Systems.

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