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Foliar Fertilizer - Foliar Spray

Foliar Feeding

Foliar fertilizer are included in the wide variety of different types of nutrient, or plant food available online from HIDHut Discount Gardening Supplies.

A sampling of the two types of foliar sprays we carry includes the following:

1. Foliar Fertilizer and Spray - Non-organic:

2. Organic Foliar Fertilizer

With all this product selection, you may be wondering just what foliar feeding is and whether this is something you should be using in your own feeding regimen. You may also have concerns over how to use a foliar spray. We’ll do our best to answer your questions with this introduction to foliar feeding. This should provide you with an overview of the foliar sprays we offer, how to use these and what organic foliar fertilizer to look for.

Foliar Fertilizers

Foliar feeding is a method of fertilizing plants by spraying the nutrient directly on the leaves. A popular method used for not only hydroponic gardening but also for container gardening and landscape gardening, you spray foliar fertilizer in a liquid form directly to the plant's foliage. Foliar feeding is considered especially useful for introducing trace elements, or for emergency feeding of plants which are found to have a specific shortage. There are many nutrients available from HIDHut that can be used as foliar fertilizers, and several have specialized purposes.

The foliar fertilizer is typically applied with a sprayer to the leaves of a plant in foliar fertilization. There are certain mixtures of foliar spray that includes algae as an ingredient, because these algae-based mixes offer the benefit of providing plants with needed trace elements, which are most easily absorbed by the plant through a foliar spray application. Some gardeners have actually reported seeing plants improve within an hour of spraying, due to the fast acting nature of this type of application.

Plants need a variety of macro and micronutrients in order to grow properly. The macronutrients include nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur and silicon, while the micro trace nutrients consist of chlorine, iron, boron, manganese, sodium, zinc, copper, nickel and molybdenum. These need to be in the proper balance so that your plants respond the way you want. For example, feeding an organic foliar fertilizer containing a high percentage of nitrogen to a flowering plant may cause the plant to grow lush foliage at the expense of flowers, while if lettuce plants were given this same foliar fertilizer it would result in lots of salad greens. Likewise, gardeners who want plants to grow a great number of flowers need to use an organic foliar plant food that contains a high percentage of phosphorus, which boosts flower production.

It is best to avoid applying foliar fertilizer when it is hot outside, because the plant's pores will typically close to retain moisture under hot weather conditions. It is a better choice to apply organic foliar plant food in the cooler morning or evening temperatures typically found in the summer months.

HIDHut features B'Cuzz organic foliar spray that can be used in organic foliar feeding. A bio based, natural organic foliar fertilizer, B'Cuzz organic Foliar has been shown to be an effective method for correcting soil deficiencies and overcoming the soil's inability to transfer nutrients to the plant. Tests have shown that up to 90 percent of nutrient solution from a foliar spray can be found in the smallest root of a plant within 60 minutes of application. Additional research has shown that foliar fertilizers can be 8 to 10 times more effective than soil feeding. B'Cuzz Foliar is formulated to correct deficiencies in plants micronutrient levels, and makes a perfect choice for landscape, container, or hydroponic plants.

Another good option for organic foliar plant food is to use Hydrodynamics Fossil Fuel nutrient. This is a soluble plant fertilizer. By applying this organic foliar spray to your plants, you will be giving them what they need to form sugars, chlorophyll and amino acids, which leads to superior plant growth and production.

Another organic foliar spray product offered by Hydrodynamics is their Green Fuse Bloom Stimulator. This specialized mix will encourage your plants to grow stronger and larger flowers as well as improve the scent and flavor of your vegetables.

You will find these and many other types of organic foliar fertilizer available online at If you have any questions regarding foliar feeding or which fertilzers are best fotr your application, please call us at 1-866-678-8565.

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