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Full Spectrum 600W HPS Bulb

  1. This product was added to our catalog on Monday 13 November, 2006.
    Model: [ES600HPS]

    Our Price:  $34.99

    Hid Hut Inc. is now offering an awesome deal that is too good to pass up. The 600W HPS full spectrum bulb has nearly identical color spectrum light over most popular horticultural bulbs on the market. All this at a fraction of the cost of those other bulbs. This full spectrum bulb has an output of 95049 lumens with a color rendering index of 20 and color temperature of 2092 Kelvin. With use at a horizontal or vertical orientation, the average bulb lasts approximately 24,000 hours. Based on actual testing, this bulb produces 2000 more lumens than Hortilux on the same spectrum. This product is sure to please. If by chance you are not happy, we offer a 100% refund (less shipping) for any compatibility issues or will offer a substitute bulb from Ultrasun or Plantmax depending on inventory.

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