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Grow lights for sale. HPS lights and metal halide lights are the perfect indoor garden lighting solution. HPS grow lights and Metal Halide lights are available to match your garden space. Purchasing complete high pressure sodium lights in a kit ensures the easiest way to get a grow light system in place. Grow light kits include the ballast, reflector and bulb in one cost effective discount package.

HID Hut’s indoor garden light bulbs are designed to ensure that your indoor plants are getting the required light for their healthy and optimum growth. With HID Hut’s complete kits, setting up a grow light system is easier than ever.

Indoor Growing System

You can now choose between high pressure sodium lights of varying power levels, starting from 250 watt to 1000 watt HID Lights. You can also from Sun System and Hydrofarm light kits to suit your particular needs.

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