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Grow Tents and Grow Closets with all the Features
The growing chambers and grow closets at HID Hut have all the details covered. Every feature is designed to make the difference so you can grow healthy, flourishing plants in the safest environments. If you want a hydroponic grow chamber made with the most solid, nontoxic materials, we have it.

A Grow Tent for the Serious Home Grower
We offer the Complete Grow Cabinet Setup, a solid indoor growing laboratory made of the finest materials. It is constructed with heavy duty 16 gauge steel, with a secure industrial grade lockable slam latch. The interior is powder coated with high gloss white for maximum reflectivity. This high grade grow chamber also has pre-programmable controls for all plant cycles, a fully adjustable shelf, self-controlled temperature and humidity displays, cool tube reflector, ducting and 6 OdorSok. You will be able to control every aspect of growing your plants.

Grow Perfect Garden
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Grow Closets in Every Size
Find a grow tent in every size, from one foot across to room size. The GrowLab Horticultural Grow Rooms we offer are practical and outfitted with the most important features for growing healthy plants. Add a fan and lighting system and you will have a truly affordable, desirable grow room. The Sun Hut Enclosed Green house, with its thick black canvas and highly reflective silver interior, is guaranteed not to have plant toxicity issues. It includes a bracket for supporting exhaust fan and filter. We can help you select the appropriate grow chamber for you and your needs. HID Hut can provide you with all the equipment you need for indoor hydroponic care.

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