Grow Lights

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Grow Lights - The Benefits and Types

Grow Lights for Use in Hydroponics

Any person using soilless techniques to grow vegetables knows the importance of light. While sunlight is generally best for plant growth, it is not always available. Therefore, most hydroponics farmers use a combination of sunlight and artificial light, or even artificial light alone. This is where grow lights come into play.

Grow lights enhance plant growth by putting out an electromagnetic spectrum that is designed to benefit photosynthesis. Different spectrums are used at the different stages of plant growth.

Benefits of Grow Lights

Using grow lights with your hydroponic system helps to produce bigger, tastier vegetables than those grown using traditional methods. Another benefit to using grow lights is the ability to grow your favorite vegetables at any time of the year, no matter where you live or what season you are in.

Perhaps the greatest benefit to using grow lights and a hydroponic system is the cost savings it will provide you. Hydroponics is very cost effective, and it also saves you the time you would otherwise spend shopping for vegetables.

In addition, hydroponics and grow lights allow you to grow completely organic vegetables that are totally free of pesticides or herbicides. If you are concerned about your family's health - and who isn't - you should be very intrigued by the safety offered by soilless growing.

Types of Grow Lights

There are many different types of grow lights. The most commonly used types of grow lights are high pressure sodium lights (or HPS lights), and metal halide lights (or MH lights).

HPS lamps and HPS bulbs are relatively small, and contain many nutrient rich elements. They are usually used for their efficiency and plant growth qualities.

MH lights produce very high light outputs for their size. This makes them very efficient and powerful, although they must be kept in special fixtures due to their intensity.

HidHut's Line Of Grow Light Products:

HidHut is proud to offer a vast collection of grow lights and accessories. Here is a list of some of our products:

Whether you are just joining the world of hydroponics, or you are an old pro, HidHut is the place for you. We have everything you need to get your indoor garden going, and to keep it producing at its best.

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