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Grow Tents From HidHut

A Grow Tent makes the Perfect Enclosed Green House

Grow tents from Hidhut instantly create the perfect environment for successful indoor growing. A grow tent comes in the ideal sizes and is perfect for creating an instant space to grow crops indoor all year round. The Sun Hut Enclosed Greenhouse is designed to be used to grow, bloom, and clone plants in a secure and stable environment. These grow huts also make a great plant infirmary or nursery. The choice in entirely up to you as you have complete control over the greenhouse and its environment. This instant grow closet provides ample room to work in, is simple to set up, and saves you time and money in construction materials.

Grow Tents with Heavy Duty Zippers and Double Stitching are 100% Light- Proof!

New and improved indoor grow closets and closet growing systems from HID Hut have been designed with features to meet the specific needs of indoor growers. The durable, extra strong canvas has a treated inner silver surface designed to reflect light back to the plants. The silver serves two purposes. First, it is 30% more reflective than the white plastic interior our competitors use. Secondly, the treatment we use also prevents off-gassing and is resistant to high heat levels. This means there are no plant toxicity issues - guaranteed. The sturdy outside black canvas helps keep that valuable light within the enclosed grow tent. The extra tough double-seamed zippers prevent rips and keeps light in or out of the grow room tent and keeps them100% light-proof!

This growing tent is constructed of metal framing made of heavy-duty steel tubing and only takes a few minutes to completely assemble. The design of the steel-tubing also makes installation much easier than the typical small grow tent, since the frame poles slide easily into the fittings with little or no resistance.

An Instant Growing Tent Available in Three Sizes

To meet the diverse space requirements of growers, the Sun Hut Enclosed Greenhouse is available in three different sizes ranging from large to XX-Large. The sizes range from 2 ft by 4 ft all the way up to 4 ft by 8 ft, and are larger than competitive huts. They are designed to be a free-standing grow room suitable for placing in any indoor area including closets, spare rooms, bedrooms, garages, or lofts. A grow tent offers you the flexibility to set up a growroom anywhere you have space for one. Be sure to review all 3 sizes we offer.

The Sun Hut Enclosed Greenhouse has all the features you could ask for in a grow tent. You can outfit the grow closet with the ventilation fan, lighting system and growing system of your choice. Our tents are equipped with pre-cut 2 - 6" duct flanges and a bracket to support the exhaust fan and filter. Not only will you produce healthy and full plants but you will also have the most secure, efficient, and affordable grow room around.

When you are ready to buy a grow closet, grow tent or a grow box, the Sun Hut Enclosed Greenhouse is your first choice for quality and features.

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