House & Garden - - Magic Green by House & Garden - 500 ml

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Magic Green by House & Garden - 500 ml

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    Model: [HG1102]

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    House & Garden's accurately named Magic Green is simply that – pure magic. Magic Green is a foliar spray that is used to enhance vitality and ensure plants receive everything they need for a prosperous flowering phase. Designed for use on rooted sprouts, mother plants, and cuttings up to once per week during the growth phase to see foliage take on a dark, vibrant green and protective waxy layer on the leaves.

    Derived From:
    - Ammonium Nitrate
    - Nitric Acid
    - Potassium Oxide
    - Phosphoric Acid

    Ingredients Explained: Magic Green optimally nourishes plants from the outside and enhances plants natural defenses to help "green-up" plants during all phases of growth. All additives and ingredients are comprised of food and/or pharmaceutical grade ingredients in batches that are small in order to maintain consistent quality.

    Application: Apply 5-10mL per liter of solution to be sprayed and use 1-2 times a week immediately after lights are turned off.

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