House & Garden - - Multi Zen by House & Garden - 5 Liters

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Multi Zen by House & Garden - 5 Liters

  1. This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 01 December, 2010.
    Model: [HG702]

    Our Price:  $155.98

    Multi Zen has been specially formulated by House & Garden to ensure crops achieve maximum potential with every harvest. The unique formula of Multi Zen increases the immune system of plants by helping them break down the nutrients so they are more accessible within the root zone.

    Derived From:
    - Ammonium Nitrate
    - Nitric Acid
    - Potassium Hydroxide

    Ingredients Explained: Multi Zen is the most highly concentrated growth enhancer available. This premium formula helps thicken stalks and increase flower sites. All additives and ingredients are comprised of food and/or pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

    Application: Use in nutrient solution beginning early in the vegetative phase throughout the third week of the flowering phase.

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