Fluorescent Grow Lights - - New Wave T5-24: 2ft. 4 lamp

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New Wave T5-24: 2ft. 4 lamp

  1. This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 25 July, 2007.
    Model: [N960203G]

    Our Price:  $125.99

    New Wave T5 Two-Foot High-Output Fluorescent Fixtures
    The New Wave T5-24. 2ft fluorescent grow light is a complete light fixture with reflector, ballast, housing and hangers. This high high-output fluorescent lamp is perfect for indoor growing.
    • 95% reflective German aluminum reflector.
    • Major brand solid state electronic ballasts.
    • Smart Volt™ ballasts can run on 120, 208, 240, & 277 volt input power for New Wave™ 42, 44 & 48 only.
    • New Wave™ 22, 24 & 28 are 120 volt only
    • Light weight white steel housing.
    • Louvered and slotted for efficient cooling.
    • Comes complete with 2 chrome mounting hangers.
    • 8’ power cord.
    • Purchase your choice of lamps (tubes) separately.
    • 2-Year Warranty
    • UL and CULUS Listed

    The New Wave T5 High-Output Two-Foot Fluorescent Fixture allows you to select your choice of lamps; high output fluorescent tubes are not included in the fixture price and should be purchased separately.
    Purchase high output lamps for this fixture:
    T5 Lamp - 24" High Output 24W 3000°K
    T5 Lamp - 24" High Output 24W 6500°K

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