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Hydroponic Parts Supplies

All the Right Parts for Your Hydroponics System

The little things matter. We carry quality parts and supplies for your hydroponics system, all offered a la carte for maximum flexibility. Drip tubing, drip irrigation parts, drip irrigation parts and ebb and flow fittings are by EcoPlus. The hydroponic sprayer we carry is the powerful Vortex DC.

The parts we carry are designed specifically for our hydroponics systems. They are small, but important and a bargain for how long they will sustain your hydroponic system.

Drip tubing needs to be black to prevent algae growth and it should be durable for reliable long term flow. We carry Eco Plus 1 Black Vinyl Tubing in 50 and 100 lengths. Ebb and flow fittings are available: tub outlet fittings in 1, and 3/4; outlet extension fittings and flows screen fittings. All parts are available singly for your design convenience.

Hydroponic Sprayer by Vortex
The DC VORTEX DC SPRAYER is multifaceted. The spinning shaft creates a powerful "vortex" that circulates the nutrients in the reservoir and then gently oxygenates before delivering them evenly to plant root systems and cuttings. The intense and subtle action of the Vortex sprayer is pivotal in the flow and consistency of the overall hydroponic system. The focused delivery of oxygen and nutrients from the hydroponic sprayer rapidly increases plant growth and health.

HID Hut makes it easy to install and integrate your hydroponics system seamlessly. We can help you with even the littlest parts that can matter a lot in how your system runs.

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