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5 Site DWC Deep Water Culture Starter Kit Hydroponics Systems

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    Model: [DWCStarter]

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    Deep Water Culture is quickly becoming one of the most popular hydroponics methods for growers everywhere. Deep water culture operates without a separate reservoir, the plants roots actually live in the reservoir. The dissolved oxygen level is maintained at 100% through constant aeration, so the roots have a constant supply of air as well as water and nutrients. It is simple to set up and promotes large healthy plants that require little to no maintenance.

    The DWC starter kit offered by HID Hut can be used for an entire growth and flowering cycle, or can be used just to start plants that weeks later can later be transferred into one of our larger bucket DWC Kits (all take the same size net pots). We suggest a minimum of 100 watts of light for this DWC kit - so up to 4 can be placed under a single 400 watt light to start plants, or as few as one can be used under a 400 watt light for a complete growth cycle. Container is 21" x 16" x 7"

    The kit includes everything needed including reservoir, net pots, 2 outlet aerator, 2 air stones (to be positioned on opposite ends of reservoir). All you need is Water and Fertilizer.

    We suggest 2 part Sensi Grow and Sensi Bloom fertilizer for Deep water culture.

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